The Amazing “Almost-Everything-Free” Cookbook:  Tasty Solutions to Highly Restricted Diets


 This book contains more than 90 recipes using creative substitutes for gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar, soy, citrus, fruit, etc. 

People with celiac disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, fibromyalgia, pediatric epilepsy, autism and other health issues will find surprising benefit from the information compiled here.  Book is recommended on the Autism Speaks website as a valuable parent resource on nutrition.

There is an inspiring back story demonstrating the author’s dedication to solving health problems through diet.

Recipes are depicted in beautiful color photographs.

This book is printed by Design Printing of Los Angeles, a totally green, FSC & SFI certified company, using recycled paper and only the finest non-toxic vegetable dyes.

ISBN:  978-0-615-53446-6

Library of Congress Registration:  TXu 1-768-362

Order Here: (book available in hard copy and on Kindle)


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